Mar. 3rd, 2008

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So I've been told I don't update my journal enough and much ass-kicking may commence if I don't get in gear.

This term in school is kicking my ass. I am very frustrated with one of my teachers as she 1. doesn't know her audience and 2. manipulates us purposely in order to "teach us a lesson." These are two things I personally cannot stand when I am trying to become educated.

BUT. This term is almost over. In three weeks I will be done with my first year of midwifery school. I am very very proud of that. Starting on March 31 I will officially be a second year student. Wow.

Along with the school learning I will have to do a year long apprenticeship (can be done at any time, does not have to be in one go, and can be much much longer if you don't see so many births). At this moment in time I am open to the possibility, but not actively seeking. I am going to fill out the paperwork letting the school know I am looking, but right now if something falls into my lap that's great, but if it doesn't that's just as awesome.

Along with this term being frustrating as hell I've also been doing a bunch of hardcore inner work to try and work out some kinks in the Susan system. It's long hard work, but it's turning out well I think.

And since it has also been requested that I do this meme, I will.

Cut for too many questions about myself )


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