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My apprenticeship is going well. I've been to 18 births, 16 of witch I can count (for various paperwork related reasons), and I freaking love it. While I still get blue sometimes, I'm probably more content than I've been in ages. Almost as long as I can remember.

Tonight I am working a postpartum shift at the birth center. That means checking vitals every four hours, cleaning up after meals/drinks, and helping out the families in any way I can. There are two families here tonight and they are both lovely.

How much do I love this job? Well... one of the moms (a second time momma for sure) wanted an hour or so of uninterrupted sleep since she has a loooooong day of visitors tomorrow. This means that I get to hold a baby for a bit. The birth center also has pretty good internet. All of this means that I am sitting here wearing a baby in a sling carrier while watching Star Trek: Voyager.

Life? Pretty freaking sweet.

I don't get to watch netflix at home (satellite internet won't let me) so getting to watch Voyager is a special treat. I feel super nostalgic. So many memories. Younger me is squeeing left and right while older me is providing a *spectacularly* filthy commentary. Oh, show.

Such a blessed night. Such a good place to be right now. So much compassion for the shithead I used to be.

Also, if this kid turns out to be a nerd (or have spectacular taste in women) I am taking full credit.
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