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So much news!

I have a new job- working in a memory care ward at an assisted living really near my house. The pay is less than perfect, but it's so freaking close that I have no real complaints right now. Also, in my four days of training people have had nothing but nice things to say about me and my performance. Which rules.

Housemates are awesome. I had a long conversation with housemate Kyle last night that wandered into what a hanky code for queer kinky nuns would look like. Black with a white stripe if you're into other nuns. Add a red stripe if you're into nuns on the rag. <small>(I would like to stress that both of us have the utmost respect for most orders of nuns and both have a healthy dose of familiarity with Catholocism so none of this was mocking or out of spite)</small>

Also, I am going to California for a weekend this July to visit the AMAZING [ profile] salixbabylon ! I'm more than a little excited, even though it means a Greyhound trip from HELL to get down there. (2-7AM on the morning of the 17th waiting for a bus at the Sacramento station? Jeebuz) Ah well, it was the cheapest option, and I am super into cheap. This is also the first trip I will be taking by my little lonesome, which is exciting. Good times ahead, my friends, good times.

There is a new puppy in the house. She's actually been hear for 6 weeks or so, but it is news to most of y'all. She's a boxer mix with a metric fucktone of energy, but she is super sweet as well. The cats hate her.

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