Apr. 23rd, 2009

Holy shit

Apr. 23rd, 2009 11:11 am
second_banana: (Poetry of curves)
Holy shit, you guys. I just had the most awesomely powerful experience I've had in a really freaking long time.

So I was dreaming this morning. Dreaming I was in a play, acting a small part of one of the seven(?) daughters in some unnamed show about the relationship between parents. Most of the dream was set backstage during the rehearsal process. We were at that leading up the the dress rehearsal everyone is screwing around and everything is going to shit stage. One of my fellow actors had a baby there. A super tiny tiny preemie should-be-on-a-ventilator-if not more preemie. (Thanks school, way to get the lectures into my subconscious) So this dream is long and meandering; nothing is really happening one way or another. I've been holding the tiny baby and her parents are just getting ready to feed her when I am woken up out of a dead sleep by my father's voice calling for a midwife. My father is currently two+ hours away. I very carefully do not yet identify as a midwife. I'm a student midwife. 

But I heard, from outside my body, a voice calling for a midwife and I sat bolt upsight in bed convinced I had to answer that call. Knowing that that was who I was. Or will be. It  reminded me powerfully of the two times I have have intensly spiritually clarifying experiences.

Jesus. Talk about some validation that I'm doing what I think I need to do.

And now... a late breakfast.

ETA: I did check with two housemates to see if there was any noise that could have woken me up. Both said it's been dead quiet this morning. Weird.


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